Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers- Are they Helpful?

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers- Are they Helpful?

Nursing home abuse is a troubling epidemic that has been brought to light by the media. As the U.S. population grows older, more and more children face placing their parents in a nursing home. It can be a very difficult decision, one where the children often feel guilty or worry about the care the elderly parent is receiving.

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of nursing home abuse. First, make sure both the home and current administrator are licensed. When deciding on a nursing home, ask if background checks are performed on all the staff members. Lastly, ask if the home provides abuse prevention training. While asking these questions is not a fail-safe, it does increase the chances that the home will take good care of your loved one.

Now, what to do if you do suspect that abuse is taking place in the nursing home your loved one resides in? Maybe you even have proof already. The first thing most people do is find a lawyer. If your case if highly publicized, beware of  “ambulance chaser” or lawyers who contact you instead of you contacting them. Nurs. home abuse lawyers can be extremely helpful in aiding you to understand your legal rights. Several foundations for prevention of nursing home abuse advocate the use of an elderly abuse lawyer, as the lawyer will know specifically which legal action to take and what move to make next.

The number of nursing homes is quickly increasing in our country. Nrs. home abuse is one of the most difficult crimes to control since the abuse is not in the public eye. Pay attention to details when you are visiting your loved one, and if you suspect any foul play, blow the whistle immediately.

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